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Welcome to the official website of Intellect9ja, a youth owned establishment with special focus on Nigerian youths. We work to build sustainable, problem solving enterprises from the ideas of youths, whilst leveraging on technology. We believe in the intellectual ability of Nigerian youths, and are therefore working hard to put a premium on intellectualism.

Our Focus (What we do)


We dream of a technologically advanced Nigeria, where a high premium is put on intellectualism. The policy makers in government agencies, stakeholders of industries, and administrators of tertiary Institutions all have a part to play in realizing our dream. We therefore bring them together, and chart a way to a better educational system, and a knowledge driven economy in our great Nigeria.


Through our business development initiative, we help develop sustainable, problem-solving enterprises from the ideas (or existing businesses) of budding young entrepreneurs. We help protect these businesses while we work to equip them with the necessary resources, including orientation on business best practices, mentorship, fund sourcing etc.


We believe in the intellectual capability of Nigerian youths. We therefore build through exposure seminars, technical trainings etc., the capacity of Nigerian youths, thus positioning them as better managers of sustainable enterprises, and custodians of the organized private sector.


We show the world the great things Nigerians do- our abilities and capabilities. We celebrate those who are contributors to a better Nigerian community through their businesses, and nonprofit community services. We show the world, how you have been impacting your world.


We Partner with companies and establishments who have the goal of impacting Nigerian youths positively. With our wide tertiary institution coverage, we help get to the most qualified Nigerian youths, who will maximize the benefits, and tell the world you about it.

“We believe in the intellectual ability of Nigerian youths, and are therefore working hard to put a premium on intellectualism.”

Our Core Values

  • Intellectualism
  • Originality
  • Applicability
  • Sustainability